Thursday, 5 June 2008

MyPortfolio @ St Mary's


Jane (Careers) at St Mary's hooked into the MyPortfolio VC organised by Carolyn (FarNet). This was a VC promoted for Careers staff to explore the features of myPortfolio. You can register a trial for your school here. myPortfolio is a product created using Mahara opensource software.

My reflections on this and other recent VCs where websites are being explored is to make sure if you are a participant to have a networked computer in front of you so you can follow along on your own computer. The quality of visuals on computer screens beamed through the vc are really blurry and poor. Be interested to hear from schools who are using new VC gear if they have higher definition and quality than we are getting with our 5 year old equipment.

While at St Mary's i have met with lead teachers & the ICT team. Janette is wanting to promote delicious for a school book mark site, & to explore simple digital portfolios with some of her students to share examples of work with their families.

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