Wednesday, 4 June 2008



Students from all our TaraNet schools travelled together to Wellington last week to attend TechHui08 "a day where students can learn about new technologies, exchange ideas, share knowledge, visit leading-edge labs, and observe courses at our two local universities". I vced with them today to find out what they had gained from the day. For many it was an eye opener to see the amount of access these students had to technology that they did not have in their own schools; they thought it was ironic also that on the day technology failed in some of the presentations; the lecture style of presentation was a huge challenge to them (as i think it would be too) & i was disappointed to see that there was not more hands on interactive stuff happening; oh and lunch was like a moshpit ;-) See their pics & comments on the TaraNetKidz wikispace.


The logistics of organising this amongst the 6 schools was challenging as far as getting the EOTC procedure right. I don't know that i communicated the process very well & this is something I need to review with TaraNet principals before we organise another event. Big thanks to Hamish & Janette, lead teachers from Coastal Taranaki & St Mary's Schools who took charge of this group.

The students really enjoyed having the opportunity to go away with others from different TaraNet schools. This has been a good start for our kids coming together outside of formal eclasses and an opportunity to promote student voice. Their next shared project is creating & gathering media for a TaraNet promotional video

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