Thursday, 31 July 2008

Patea First VC Class

  I visited Patea Area School again on Monday this week. Kathryn has taken over the role of VC Coordinator so I spent some time with her discussing her new role, looking at how to use the VLN, and using the VC gear.
We practised by VCing into Carolyn (ePrincipal, FarNet) who has just got her VC online in her home office. Carolyn is nearly an hour from her closest school and is also an eTeacher - having VC access from home is a huge enabler for her to be more effective in her job. It was great to take control of the far end camera and have a nosey around Carolyn's office and zoom in on a beautiful view down a bush clad hill to the beach below. The best of both worlds - the world at your fingertips & the beach 5 minutes away :-)
Discussion with Carolyn gave Kathryn many insights into what were some of the issues our students faced as elearners and how we could best support them back in their home schools.

Patea students engaged in their first VC lesson today as 5 students are participating in a Beginners German class, along with students from St Mary's, Opunake & Stratford. Their first VC went really well, with lots of emails buzzing back to me about the experience.image
Courtesy of phutran on Flickr

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