Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Waitara - Virtually There

With another storm predicted today I thought it best to stay closer to home. My two meetings scheduled at Waitara went just as well via VC without having to dodge any falling trees. In some ways i think a VC meeting can be more productive than a f2f meeting - you have a clear purpose, are more focused with less distractions, and a limited amount of time within which to cover your discussion.

There is lots of storm footage on YouTube - this one is cool not only as it made the National News but is the basis for a Viral Marketing version - where a Jeep follows along behind the car going over top of the fallen tree...(need to visit the site to see it) 
Whats interesting about the YouTube videos of the storms also is that there is lots of conversation going on in the comments sections underneath the video as people relate their personal accounts - communities of interest - when & where it suits :-) This is definitely something we should be sharing with our students.

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