Sunday, 8 June 2014

Now we can really focus on the learning!

There is no excuse now for teachers who don't use technology to support student's learning. Pick up an Ipad (or similar) and there is an app that will do anything easily. Students can Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Create with ease - point, click, move things around, upload, share.

When I worked with ICTPD (professional learning for teachers with ICT) there were many, many frustrating hours spent on developing teachers 'soft skills' of how to use technology, & troubleshooting a range of technical & connectivity issues before we could successfully bend the tools to our learning purposes. All that 'Structural Stress' is being removed with ubiquitous, accessible & easy technology. Now a teacher who says i don't have time to learn this is giving the time old kids excuse 'the dog ate my homework!'
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