Monday, 16 June 2014

Student Voice - Our kids expect it

Crazy Clever Kids
Our kids expect to have a voice in their learning - and so they should; including the details of what the music is like that they have to listen to while they wait for the audio bridge to be opened. We have advised Student Council to take this up themselves with Asnet Technologies who manage our audio bridge :-)

Here is their conversation:
" Halfmoonbay: (13:40) hey everyone
  Halfmoonbay #PowerMovesOnly: (13:41) Hi blackmount
  Halfmoonbay #PowerMovesOnly: (13:41) Hello everyone
  Tylah: (13:43) hi everyone
  Halfmoonbay #PowerMovesOnly: (13:43) hey
  #N¡k¡: (13:44) heey
  Tylah: (13:44) do you ever get sick of listning to the music on the phone??????
  Halfmoonbay #PowerMovesOnly: (13:45) noo
  Halfmoonbay: (13:45) yes yes i do
  #N¡k¡: (13:45) hah
  Halfmoonbay #PowerMovesOnly: (13:45) thats why in the next student council we may discuss the music on the phone
  Tylah: (13:46) i get sick of listning to "please wat for thee chairperson to join the conference
  Halfmoonbay #PowerMovesOnly: (13:46) we got really cool music on ours yahhh
  Tylah: (13:47) me too today but don't get it very often
  #N¡k¡: (13:47) please wait for the chairperson to join the conference
  Halfmoonbay #PowerMovesOnly: (13:47) hi rachel
  Halfmoonbay: (13:47)
  #N¡k¡: (13:47)
  Rachel Roberts: (13:48) hi Tylah we would give you the chairperson pin but then you guys would have phone parties without us!
  joseph&kase: (13:48) hey
  Tylah: (13:48) yeah  its ok i just figured out to mute it when it gets really aannoying"

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