Friday, 29 August 2014

Project Huia - call for student participation

Project Huia - Book Study - Extension Learners

Project Huia

This reading project was run successfully last term, with our Rural & Remote Schools students, and now is being offered again as an extension opportunity for all interested schools.
This project will run entirely through Google Classroom and our WeLearn website, with a couple of 'real time' scheduled Adobe Connect sessions, as well as a connection with the author Des Hunt.
Weekly activities are designed to encourage the students to engage with the text to extract greater meaning; to seek out, identify, understand and apply new and interesting words; and enable students to visualise the thoughts and feelings they have in relation to the text and to recreate these artistically and enable them to reflect and respond in a written manner.
Students will have reading and activities to complete each week to be sent to their teacher so schools will need to ensure that this work is integrated into their classroom programmes to enable the time needed. Please put forward students who are working at NZC Level 4. 

Learning Objectives

Students will be reading, responding to, and thinking critically about the text in order to work towards meeting the reading demands of Level 4 NZC.
Students will locate, evaluate and synthesise information and ideas within the text(s) selected, and have opportunities to generate and answer questions about the selected text(s)
Students will recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructions and some rhetorical patterns (e.g., cause and effect; comparing and contrasting);
  • using their prior knowledge, along with information in the text, to interpret abstract ideas, complex plots, and sophisticated themes
  • identifying and evaluating writers’ purposes and the ways in which writers use language and ideas to suit their purposes;
Students will discuss word meanings and grammar or talk about how language choices and modes of delivery vary according to purpose.

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New schools please check Protocols of Participation first.
Makuri School

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Keryl Kelleher

Makuri School

Des Hunt & Rural class students
A conversation with author Des Hunt - Rural & Remote Students Term 2, 2014
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