Monday, 1 May 2006

Podcasting @ Toko

We've been talking about it for a little while and now here are Toko Schools first Podcasts in Beta Version. Not only podcasting but the use of audio and MP3 players (without necessarily publishing to the world...) will be used to support the Oral Language programme - an important focus for our kids at Toko. Today we practised using Garageband to record a signature tune, record & edit vocals. It was great that most of these kids have already a good grasp on creating music with GarageBand - they taught me heaps :-) We then exported to iTunes where we compressed the files - a significant difference in file size! (25mb down to 5ish). Next steps are to include some metadata about the files (oops forgot that today) and to work with Richard and Kelly to help them out with the next step - hosting the podcasts (Toko site or external?) & creating an RSS feed. Lots of things to get started on now that this team have mastered the basics. So these audio files are very raw - lots of room for improvement but a great start :-)
More information about Podcasting can be found earlier in this blog

Makayla & Krystal

Tyler & Samuel

Emily, Sally & Georgia

You will need iTunes to download & listen to these audio files. (Learning point - next time we will convert to mp3 so it is accessible to more people)
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