Monday, 15 May 2006

More on Quick Links @ SPS

Today I worked with Penny extending further on the idea of Quick Links pages to direct students to appropriate digital resources. See Penny's page here. (still under construction) We started with the idea that we wanted to direct students and teacher's within Penny's syndicate to resources that supported the current learning intentions in the classroom. They could access these from the desktop in the classroom and by loading the pages to SchoolZone students could also access them from home. These pages could be updated as the learning focuses progressed in the classroom - i.e. the topic study changed, & different learning intentions in the literacy & numeracy programme. I compiled a teachers resource (not comprehensive - there is so much to choose from!) of good starting places to find supporting interactive activities and from these we chose the ones that fitted with the intended learning outcomes & built them into the hot links page. Penny learnt how to make a simple webpage using Word, how to create hyperlinks & then how to upload these pages to School Zone. How To tutorials can be found on Interact. As we worked we thought that this is a process that should be happening as teachers planned their classroom programme.
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