Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Smart Boards @ Eltham

Today we had a play with a Smart Board kindly lent by Graham Nelson from Lamberts, New Plymouth. Plz contact him if you would like a demo and trial in your school. Have been hearing a buzz around the place of them possibly infiltrating a number of our schools. They have been around for awhile - why have our cluster schools not picked up on these until now? Are they another fad or fashion? Like any learning resource, (according to my sis who has worked in UK schools where they are ubiquitous) they are only as effective as the teacher who is using them... So if u follow that line of thought a lot of our cluster teachers could do some wonderful things with this new tool :-) Not cheap @ $7000 + a dataprojector another $2K - how much of a bang for bucks in the difference to children's learning could we achieve? Lots of our schools are already using Data Projectors in classrooms - how does the interactiveness of the whiteboard improve on this? Couldn't this be achieved as simply and cheaply as students using a wireless mouse & keyboard to control what was happening on the big screen? Hmmm - need more time to play - a visit to Manaia school with the Eltham team?
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