Monday, 30 March 2009

PPTA ICT Task Force


A new look PPTA website is back online. This time more interactive with their own blog & opportunity to leave comments & join discussion within PPTA communities.

The ICT Taskforce is one of the communities here. As a member of this committee representing my geographical area Taranaki & i think also Wanganui/Manawatu please contact me if you have ICT issues you want to be followed up on by the PPTA

“The ICT Taskforce was set up by the  PPTA Annual Conference in 2004 and was charged with “monitoring, researching and reviewing issues around the implementation of ICT, liaising with appropriate bodies and reporting regularly to PPTA Executive and to Annual Conference “…(and to) serve as a clearing house for ICT development in schools by sharing and publicising best practice.”
With this in mind representation on the committee is deliberately broad with ten regional representatives, along with separate representation from low-decile schools, the Correspondence School, SLANZA (School Library Association of NZ), PPTA Executive and Te Huarahi.  
The Taskforce meets up to four times a year. At its meetings it considers ICT issues that members and schools have brought to its attention, prepares advice for teachers on issues around ICT in schools”

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