Friday, 20 March 2009

Inglewood eLearners


Today i met with the elearning students at Inglewood High School. They are enrolled in L1 Economics, L2 French, L3 Accounting & L3 Economics.

There is a little previous experience in this group with Daniel as a second year elearner taking 2 VC subjects this year. I suggested to this group that he take on the role of Student Rep for their group :-)

I was just checking up with them on how their classes were going, how they were studying in their non-contact periods and if they were online checking their emails & using their online class websites. It was very basic catchup stuff but beyond that we had some interesting discussions about online learning & what worked for them. I discussed the interim results of the student survey (talked about here) and they generally agreed with the main findings. Some of them went onto tell me about their L3 Economics Moodle site and what a difference it was making to their learning. They said they always had lots of work to do there, there was lots of Hot Potatoes activities which they found really engaging (even the essay question answer type), and they enjoyed working in this way. They said they were also motivated to keep up with their study by the responsiveness of their eteacher giving them regular feedback to the work they were doing online and also because they could see a lot of work had gone into creating this learning resource they were motivated to put the work in too. This is great feedback about the motivation & engagement of online learning environments. This is a class i would like to visit.

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