Monday, 2 March 2009

TaraNet Stats

Our enrolments continue to grow this year within TaraNet & nationally:

68 TaraNet students, 46 out of cluster students

TaraNet Subjects: Te Reo L1, Art History L3, Ag/Hort L3, French L3, Stats L3, L1 Spanish, Physics L3

Subjects from other Clusters: Accounting L1, L2, L3; Art History L2, Biology L2, Calculus L3, Chemistry L2, L3, Classics L3, Computing Y9/10, L3; Economics L1, L2, L3; Graphics L2, Human Bio L1, Music L1, Physics L2, Te Reo L3, Aviation Engineering L3

28 new classes available across the cluster.

Most classes full with 10 – 12 students & max sites.

VLN National Stats

Current Total Schools:252

Current Total Teachers:154

Current Total Courses:199

Current Total Classes:212

Current Total Enrolments:1401

Phew! No wonder it's been such a busy start to the year.

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