Monday, 23 March 2009

Taranaki TELA Laptop Survey

In response to the BOT of a school, that will remain nameless, when they say "No BOTs in other Taranaki Schools pay for teacher laptops"

Check out the results of our Taranaki TELA laptop survey.

Approximately 90 Taranaki schools were invited to complete this survey. Over a third of schools responded (36). Schools contributing were a mixture of Primary, Kura, Intermediate, Secondary & one Area School.

80% of Taranaki Schools are funding TELA laptops for their teachers.

Comments from survey participants reflect the importance of access to teacher laptops not only for elearning but administration as well.

Schools were also asked if they would prefer to be funded to provide their own teacher laptops or continue with the TELA scheme.


Those who answered no they would prefer the centrally funded & organised model, commented that if they funded their own laptops they might end up with out-dated equipment if schools did not roll over laptop leases, that they would not have access to the level of technical support they currently have through TELA & they would have more administration if they ran their own schemes.

IMHO Teacher Laptops have been one of the most important ICTPD initiatives. They have given more teachers hands on opportunities to learn more about using ICT & so for many making them more confident in using them with their students in the classroom.

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