Friday, 11 September 2009

Ask an Expert


I had two opportunities this week with students asking an Expert. In the first instance i was the expert for Jackie’s Year 3 & 4 when they skyped into me to ask me “What is a Shooting Star?” I fielded a few questions from the children and answered them as best i could :-)

Our C4 students met with Simon from Asnet to find out what more about video conferencing. They use this technology so much without even thinking about it. It was good to give them an understanding of VC beyond the Polycom that is sitting right in front of them & to see how it is used outside of the classroom.

There used to be a NZ “Ask an Expert” website where students could make contact with experts from various areas. I just can’t find it anywhere… This would be a good thing for the VLN to support. We are often looking for opportunities for our students to connect with others outside the classroom. If we made an area on the VLN that had a database of experts who were happy to be ‘contactable’ either through email or to set up digital conversations. Here schools could also put their needs & then the connections could be facilitated & targeted to the areas of interest of the students.

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