Wednesday, 9 September 2009

TaraNet Lead Teachers Meet

TaraNet Lead Teachers met yesterday to discuss elearning in their schools.logo

Items on the agenda were:

  • Learning Management Systems – Coastal shared their schools implementation of KnowledgeNet
  • Adobe Connect PD ––– NatColl courses – Marilyn shared her experience of Blender 3D Animation course
  • TaraNet Photography Workshop – feedback from participants was positive
  • Digistore pd for TaraNet teachers in using digital learning objects planned for next term
  • In-house PD – discussed PD how schools are approaching PD with their own staff
  • eTeacher PD – planned for 3rd & 4th December in collaboration with Volcanics & CoroNet – opportunities for all teachers
  • Conservation Week VC series – these are taking place next week – all schools will be participating through C4 GATE students
  • Update – Fibre Networks, SNUPs – shared information from PPTA ICT Task Force MOE presentation
  • ICTPD Collaboration Programme: Regional Educational Cluster – discussed opportunities to work with secondary schools outside of TaraNet, not in a position yet to apply for support from contestable funding.
  • Connected Secondary Schools – PPTA Conference paper – link here
  • Moodle – cluster documentation (minutes etc) in staffroom area

Even though there were a few missing, it was good to catch up with this group & discuss & share what is happening out in schools. Without these dedicated teachers in our schools, we would never find our way into the 21st Century :-)

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