Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mashing it up!

I have been experimenting with online video editors to prepare for collaborative video editing with my C4 students.


JayCut was a lot slower to upload & convert files to use so more bandwidth hungry than the other sites. A good indication of this is the text that comes up on the screen as it’s working “Patience is a Virtue”. Had two timeline layers for video, meaning that to get transitions between my photos i had to alternate them up and down the two timelines (a little confusing). No ability to put text in – so no titles, & importantly no ability to credit sources if you are using someone else’s material. Can download the movie file which gives you flexibility to rework in another editor or on another site.


Masher was much quicker to work with. I liked that it had a library of video & music you could work with, as well as being able to upload your own video, pictures & audio. It also had a text feature, though no transitions which doesn’t give much of a polished look when you are working with photos instead of video. Another downside was you can’t download your video directly from the site but only embed or share the link, so if you wanted a copy on your own computer then you would have to use a stripper like Download helper to get it. I also don't like the way Masher autoplays in the browser. It is a bit distracting on this webpage to have video run on it's own!

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