Monday, 14 September 2009

Conservation Week



Today students from Patea & Waitara joined with Murchison, Rotorua & Whangamata schools to participate in a Conservation Week VC with Sarah Bond from the Franz Joseph, DOC area office.

Waitara St Joseph’s joined Waitara High School students for today’s session – it would be great to see more of our local schools access these opportunities through our TaraNet schools.

Sarah had an interactive presentation that covered a range of interesting areas:

Kea: The cheeky kea, known to many of us for its high-altitude antics, is in trouble.

Ranger for a day: Not many kids are lucky enough to have a glacier and a rainforest in their backyards .

Bridge Building: On the West Coast, hunting can be pretty tough work, with long walks, steep terrain.

Kotuku: The Kotuku, or White Heron, is dear to the hearts of many New Zealanders.

DSC01325 (Large)

Student’s enjoyed competing with others to answer questions and at times when the questions were open to everyone it was a struggle to hear who said what! ;-) Thanks Sarah for a great VC.

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