Sunday, 7 January 2007

Web 2.0 in the Classroom: Harnessing the Potential; Avoiding the Pitfalls

I am wondering why i am still doing Post Grad. uni papers when i'm sure i swore off them over a year ago!! I guess it is because i was so annoyed about not getting an e-fellowship that i thought i wouldn't jump through any Ministry of Education hoops to get what i wanted i would just go out & do it for myself! The downside of course is that i don't get a whole year paid leave to do it but am spending my summer holidays working & enrolment fees are pretty expensive too. But any investment of time & money on education is well worth it in the long run and it's good to have my brain engaged while i flit between my study, the beach, study, the garden, study...

Here is my last assignment
. An educational scenario looking at the potential & pitfalls of Web 2.0.


Thanks to Eddie Reisch for challenging me to use exe.editor to create this scenario

Richard Bradley for the cool little people pictures (altered from the originals)

& Graham Wegner for being an influential colleague in my own 'professional learning' social network "
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