Friday, 19 January 2007

Top 10 2006

I have been trawling the blogosphere as i put together my next Massey Assignment (again with a Web 2.0 focus) & have come across a number of entries where bloggers reflect on 2006 by choosing their top 10 entries of the year. So maybe i am procrastinating (again) here as i should be writing my assignment but i went back through BardWired 2006. My picks (just happen to be in chronological order):
  1. Bard Wired: Dead Cats & Laptops

    I like this picture of the Dead Cat & it's similarities to the Dead Laptop. BTW the cat is now in a glass front display case; the Laptop has been returned to the Laptop Co. & the bill sent to the teacher; the picture of the laptop is been requested by the MOE ICT Unit probably for a cautionary tales presentation; another mummified animal has since been found (a mouse - perhaps the cat & mouse met their end together?); and Eltham Primary School nearly has a brand new admin. block built.

  2. Bard Wired: Bard Kidz - Movie Magic Day

    This day was one of my highlights of the year.

  3. Bard Wired: Bard Wired's Bigger Bang...

    This day was also another highlight of the year.

  4. Bard Wired: The Vision Vacuum

    Simple but not simplistic - start by asking the basic questions.

  5. Bard Wired: Filtering Frustrations

    This post pulled in a load of search hits from people mainly in the States who were searching on how to unblock sites! It also sparked some discussion both on & off line with fellow bloggers & my friends in SZ & VEN.

  6. Bard Wired: ULearn Today

    Conference is always a highlight for me. A reminder, putting aside for a moment what societies agendas are for our kids, that what drives my passion for what i do has to start with our kids - otherwise whats the point?

  7. Bard Wired: Hitch a ride to ULearn06

    I was really buzzed to find lots of Bard Wired blog & Flickr links on Hitchhikr. I was also buzzed that David Warlick dropped in to my blog to fill me in on the Hitchhikr concept :-)

  8. Bard Wired: Spreading the Word!

    Graham really challenged me in his invitation to contribute to his K12 Online presentation. It made me evaluate and articulate my ideas about Web 2.0 & its significance in education.

  9. Bard Wired: NZedubloggers Untie!

    It has been interesting to watch this Wiki grow over the last year since Jedd set it up & i contributed the first few original entries.

  10. Bard Wired: Taranaki Wiki

    Taranaki Wiki will be a space for us to watch locally. Am looking forward to checking out our schools contributions.

I tried to display these by tagging them in delicious but for some reason???? Delicious won't show my tagged pages - so i have copied them all over...
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