Thursday, 4 January 2007

5 Things Tag

OK I'll play this little game :-) tho' it reminds me just a little of the chain letters i used to get when i was a kid (& still get & delete in my email...) Graham & Sharon tagged me & i didn't even get a chance to shout sticks!

1. I am a single mum of two teenage boys - Sean 15 & James 14, also a lovely daughter Sophie 10. They are as geeky as me which means that bandwidth & disk space is a competitive resource in our household.

2. I have been inspired by my niece Hazel who became the first NZ woman ever to finish a 6 Day Enduro event at ISDE06 at Taupo in November to get back on a motorbike again. Also the idea of the open road with no children in tow seems pretty inviting as well. It's been 20 years since i've ridden anything so I am looking for a hack bike to practise on.

3. I really enjoy listening to live music. Got my tickets for Womad07 in March, recently took my son to the Cemetery Circuit races in Wanganui on Boxing Day & saw the Feelers & th'Dudes & hoping to get to Roger Waters in Auckland at the end of the month.

Lining up in the pits for the Vintage SideCar Race! Wanganui Boxing Day

The most interesting chilli-bin (beer cooler) Wanganui Cemetery Circuit.

4. Basketball has been my passion but injury saw me take early retirement from the game. Would still love to get back on the court but i know i would suffer for it :-(

5. In an earlier life i was a Horticulturalist, got my Diploma in Hort. & loved all things botanical. I still enjoy getting out into my garden & growing vegetables.

All of my kids (+ one) with Santa

So time to pass it on... I tag Tom, Ewan, Nix, John, Derek. Ha, ha - sorry guys :-)

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