Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Skype Away the Distance

"the tyranny of distance didn't stop the pioneers" It didn't then & it certainly doesn't now - how easy it is to hook in with someone thru Skype (once i had worked out how to turn my headset on - yeah right i think i will look for a camera with a built in mike) Had a good yarn with Rick from Pitt Island today. We talked about loads of things for ages. I've been looking for another rural remote school to hook up with our Marco kids. So meeting Rick @ conference last week was a lucky find though i did plan to track him down and set up something between our two schools. I will be out at Marco regularly over the coming weeks so will get the ball rolling. I know our kids are going to love this :-)
A little bit of ICTPD distance learning happening in our skype conversation today. Learning how to capture a screen shot. Here's the one i took.
Rick's kids will be doing some work with powerpoint, art & animation soon so here's a link to my delicious powerpoint tag. You might need to revisit this link as i am still in the process of gathering resources that seem to be scattered all over the web. delicious is a great way to organise them & find them again.
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