Wednesday, 7 March 2007

IWBs in Action

A big thankyou to Warwick at Inglewood High School who welcomed me into his Year 11 Geo class to observe their use of the Interactive White Board. What a fantastic teacher tool to create & share learning resources and to structure, sequence and stage the components of a lesson. Warwick is doing great things with it in his classes. He is building his curriculum delivery through the use of the IWB, incorporating a range of activities including sound, images, video, links into websites and simulations including Google Earth. He believes the use of the IWB caters for the different learning styles of his students through the incorporation of multimedia. If i was a teacher i would love this tool but i still struggle to see how students themselves can be more involved with the use of the board to drive their own learning apart from having it used as a delivery tool (a cool tool it is too) though definately engaging for these students. Teachers all around the province & i bet nationally too are having IWBs installed in their classroom - many of them are wondering what to do with them? I can feel some IWB ICTPD coming on soon & more visits to Warwick's classroom :-)
So if the 20th Century adage is 'Talk & Chalk' How would you translate this to the use of an IWB in the same way - i have been racking my brains to coin a new phrase for this. Arti you are the wordsmith what do you think? Graham you might have an appropriate term too?
BTW does anybody know of any good classroom/teacher blogs with a particular secondary focus? Plz post a comment. Thnx
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