Wednesday, 7 March 2007


TUANZ time is nearly upon us for 2007. If you haven't already registered get along to the TUANZ site and do so - keynotes & workshop abstracts are all up online now. TUANZ regional conferences are a good opportunity especially for classroom teachers who may not get the chance to go to national conferences to dip their toes into whats happening with ICT in education and be inspired to go back into their classrooms and innovate. A big Web 2.0 presence this year with Edubloggers Sheryl & Miguel. They have already got the ball rolling with a TUANZ wiki site, blog & online discussion. (these are all linked off the TUANZ wiki) I didn't get the chance to join the online discussion yesterday but i did skype with Sheryl this morning just to talk generally about the learning landscape here in NZ. With all these online conversations happening ahead of time Sheryl should have no trouble understanding our accents when she gets here ;-) Read Sheryl's recent post Connections-Networking in New Zealand.
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