Wednesday, 7 March 2007

E-Learners @ Inglewood

I visited Inglewood High School today to meet our eLearning students & their VC coordinator Lorraine just to see that they were all up and running with their VC classes. We confirmed some admin details like enrolments, VC times, access to computers and learning support within the school. I discussed with them the huge importance of communication, checking their emails and logging onto their online classes (which aren't set up yet but will be i hope soon) and being clear about their learning objectives and if they are not sure to ask. It is so easy for these students needs to disappear into cyberspace if they are not communicating with their teachers, with each other & with me especially if things are not running smoothly for them. I assigned them a student rep. (democratic process - not) to be the one to talk to if they weren't sure about things and didn't want to discuss it with their teachers. Douglas is an old hand @ VC elearning and is enrolled in two classes this year. I wanted to see a VC student rep in all of our TaraNet schools but the elearning student body isn't really big enough for this. It would be good to involve more of our students in this way across the Virtual Learning Network so we can have some student voice to add to the development of eLearning in NZ. Perhaps something to bring up with the other eLearning clusters.
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