Thursday, 20 August 2009

Independent Learning @ Coastal

DSC01320 (Medium)DSC01321 (Medium)I was at Coastal today working with our C4 group & also sat in on Joel’s Stats lesson. The content of the lesson went right over my head ;-) but it was interesting to see how Joel taught with a  process of demonstration and modelling, flicking between his laptop, resources online & resources & real time working out under the document camera. We had some discussion afterwards & I left him with the question “What would you do if your document camera died tomorrow?” I was really impressed to visit Coastal’s new Independent Learning  Centre. This provides the space and resources that students’ need when they are learning outside of f2f classrooms. It was a bright and open space with a number of office type desks with computers, desks in board room arrangement & a couple of couches. What a great space for learning!

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