Friday, 7 August 2009



Today I chaired a Wordspace VC “Encouraging an Individual Approach to Writing.” St Mary’s students attended alongside me & were joined by students from Ashburton, Reporoa & Ruapehu. Writers Fleur Beale, Jennifer Beck & Brian Falk joined us from Christchurch. Thanks to these wonderful writers who shared so much from their own experience with our students. They had lots of practical tips from planning a story, developing character & plot, finding inspiration and getting published. They were very inspirational in their encouragement to be persistent & never give up if you wanted to be a published writer. One of their tips was for students to practise their craft & to publish where ever they could – online & enter lots of competitions. The Book Council has a Creative Writers Gallery where students can publish their work with the top five contributions being chosen every month. Writers Window was another good place for students to publish but with the redevelopment of TKI & English Online this has disappeared. Of course you can always publish your writing through your own blog or even publish & sell a book yourself. What is the future of fiction through Web 2.0?

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