Thursday, 6 August 2009

TaraMaths Quizz


Today students from 5 TaraNet schools competed in our TaraNet Junior Maths Quiz. We structured it a little differently this year by having the Quiz running through Adobe Connect to allow students to continue to look at the questions online while they were jumping in on the VC to answer the questions. Of course you could run it completely through Adobe without any VC but is good to see and talk to each other. Although I tried to keep it firmly structured with maintaining everybody on mute unless they were chosen as first in to answer a question, it soon became like trying to ref a rugby game as some endsites didn’t adhere to this & were trying to come in over top of each other. The students were really competitive & i can understand their frustrations at being ‘beaten to the buzzer’. Improvements for next year will be that the answers will be submitted over Adobe Connect using the chat box – this will keep a clear record of who is getting in first & clarify any answers missed. We had one contentious question, thanks Justine our adjudicator for picking this up, unfortunately this one question made a difference to the placings which were very close. It’s lots of fun to be involved in these events & would like to branch out into other areas (maybe current events) & it would be good to have our teams compete against schools in other clusters too. If you have any ideas for quizzes, or would like to join a challenge, let me know.

The winners this year were Stratford High – well done!

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