Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Today i visited our eteachers at Waitara. We looked at connecting laptops to the VC for our Spanish student’s to present to their class. We also looked at how to download recorded VC from the Tandberg Content Server. All our eteachers have had their lessons recorded so that they can watch themselves teach & do some self review. I will also look at their classes & contribute some feedback. Below is a tutorial I prepared for them to help them through learning how to download for the first time. This is part of their appraisal process. There has been some interesting discussion amongst ePrincipals about the appraisal process for eteachers as initiated by Darren’s blog post “To appraise or not to appraise?” Whose responsibility should it be? The schools’ or cluster’s? I think that eteacher appraisal is about support & professional learning for eteachers & that ePrincipals have a role to play in this. See previous conversations about eteacher appraisal.

View tandberg_download tutorial here.
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