Monday, 17 August 2009

Turbo-Charge TaraNet

“How good would it be?”….

There has been lots of conversations here in the last few weeks about a local initiative to bring broadband/KAREN to all Taranaki Secondary Schools. I have been working with the group who have been developing this proposal to link & consult with schools and to try & gain a school’s perspective for the proposal. You can read about these conversations at our Wiki. My thoughts are that any proposal that is going to enable all of our Secondary Schools (as opposed to New Plymouth schools only) has got to have some merit and needs to be investigated. I have reservations whether a KAREN connection is going to provide the services our schools will need & wonder if it will make it more difficult instead of easier to maintain our VC connectivity with the wider VLN Community. I know for sure that schools would jump at increased bandwidth but am wary about the data costs that may result. I know that there has been a lot of work done by other regional ‘loops’ and that we need to tap into their expertise as we work towards fibre connections for our schools. We are all waiting…. and waiting… to hear what the National Strategy will be that is to be announced anytime soon about the mechanism for fibre rollout & how schools will be supported with this.

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