Sunday, 4 June 2006

Bandwidth Blues

Well not completely home is great. Look at this:

Sizzling along - u can check your speeds here
Thanks Slingshot - what a great service & 5Gig datacap too.
Unfortunately not the same story at school where with a SchoolZone connection we are still limping along at around 256. I have been trying to get the pipe widened for our TOD next week when we planned to have 30-40 wireless enabled laptops accessing the internet at the same time. I had worked though how we were going to boost the wireless access points & then moved onto the next step - get our ISP Telecom to come to the party. Well, sorry at a stretch we could get 512, to increase our speed at all we would need a different router & there are none available nationally that would give us 2mbps!!
So much for the unbundling of the local loop, promises of more speed - hah, empty promises - no wonder i and many others feel Teleconned!
It was easy for me @ home to switch ISPs but not so easy for schools when they are tied up with the whole SchoolZone package (which is great) except for the bandwidth - which sucks!
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