Monday, 19 June 2006

Toko Tizz

What a busy place Toko School is today! Plenty of activity getting ready for the Methanex Maths Spectacular. Lots of work has gone into this in the past weeks all culminating in final touches today. More podcasts up on Toko Talk today as all students in Room 5 have the opportunity to contribute. Next steps some in-class sharing, reflection & ideas from that for improvement for the next podcasts. Some discussions in the Junior School on aligning reading assessment to work within the SchoolMaster programme to provide some meaningful & standard information to report with. Teachers talking to other teachers across our schools using the same programme and supporting each other with it - hopefully this helps...
Good to touch base with Kelly, Toko School lead teacher, who has been working with other teachers in the school. All teachers have goals about what they want to do with their kids for example Megan is looking at using ICTs in her junior reading rotation. So things are quietly ticking along with this. Toko Talents programme in the afternoon is nearly winding up for the term - where to from here?

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