Sunday, 4 June 2006

Bard Kidz - Movie Magic Day

It's taken me a whole week to blog about this - but what a great day we had!
25 kids & 10 teachers from our 9 schools got together at the TET stadium in Stratford to spend the day making movies.
Though i spent days wracking my brains to come up with a 'theme' for the context of our movie making exercise, I decided in the end to open it up to all ideas & let the kids decide. They came up with loads of different ideas from 'Cops & Robbers' - with a 'real' staged robbery of the local jewellers & a 'real' arrest from helpful local policeman Simon who not only fingerprinted our kids but locked them up as well. The horror genre seemed to have an over-emphasis of adults stalking children!?!?!... a few flicks about Stratford, a mystery investigation... all movies have been copied and sent back out to schools - if u haven't got your copy yet let me know.
We nearly came unstuck during the day when we encountered problems for almost everyone as they tried to download their video to laptops. I did anticipate that this would be where we would be most technically challenged during the day but not quite on the scale that we were. Lessons learnt were that this is ironed out in the home school before the day & means that students need to be using their own cameras & laptops and not picking up whatever was first to hand as we had done.
It was great to see so many parents and teachers arriving at the end of the day to watch the Popcorn Premiere (which sadly lacked popcorn because we were all so busy trying to finish on time that noone had time to make any popcorn)
I-Movie is great but Movie Maker 2 is quite limiting especially in the area of audio & effects - It would be really great to move beyond Movie Maker2 and have some software that lets us do a lot more. For more ideas & resources for teachers check out the Making Movies area on Interact
The learning opportunities throughout the day were just awesome & would cover every key competency/ essential skill that you could think of + more - but since i am not one for checklisting learning just let the picture speak for themselves:
You can see all the pics from the day & outtakes from the move here
(Unfortunately that slideshow has put them all in reverse order - see if u can work out which movie title goes with which pics :-) If you want to download any of those pictures go to Flickr

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