Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Heads Up - Term 3 Bard Wired Newsletter

Cluster Collaborative Game
Following in the footsteps of the Lions Game last year, Olympic Games challenge & NZ Place Names scavenger hunt comes a new cluster game NZ History Challenge!!
Get onboard & get your kids involved! Suitable for small group teams Y5-8.

24th – 27th July Trans-Tasman Challenge!
“We're launching Mathletics in NZ in July commencing with a Trans Tasman Challenge - timed to coincide with the Bledisloe Cup and Netball tests. The Aussies figure they can thrash us at Maths if not rugby and netball - I'd like to prove them wrong!
If you're looking for ways in which ICT can motivate kids to achieve at maths check out our flagship product MATHLETICS at Its an online maths programme for Year 1 to 13 students that includes interactive curriculum content and a very cool game engine. I reckon its the best thing since sliced bread, it truly utilises ICT to deliver a unique and motivating experience. When I saw how motivated kids were to do MATHS (!!!) and how their achievement levels lifted and how much teachers (and parents!) loved it I had to listen!” Contact Yvonne Blanch

ANZ Maths Week 15th - 19th August
This site has been previously been successfully used by teachers at Toko & St Joseph’s – children engage in interactive maths games, have problem solving challenges & gain points to bid online for little prizes. Make it your Maths programme for the week!

NetGuide WebChallenge

A great opportunity to share student learning in a different way, to a wider audience – on the web. Registrations are open now – finishes 9th September. I am available to work with teachers & their students who would like some extra help with this :-)

My Cool School Movie Competition
This competition is being run in conjunction with ULearn conference in September. Get those experts from Kidz Day leading a group in your school to enter this competition. Details can be found here
A tip for competitors the requirements for the context of this movie are pretty ‘simplistic’ – if the kids want their movie to stand out from the others they should look for a twist, or an innovative angle on how to present their movie!
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