Sunday, 4 June 2006

She'll be Coming around the Mountain........

What a perfect day on Friday to be driving around the mountain. This shot was taken from Oanui on the coast - if i had been a been a better timekeeper (not my strong point) i would have been able to stop & take pics all the way round & create a panorama but as it was i was pushing it to make my appointments.
It was great to go back to Opunake High School - the school is looking really spruced & it was awesome to see some of my past students now young adults - Y13s! Good also to see my old friends there. I did notice though what a lot of great gear (new computers, dataprojectors, cameras even Studio MX networked!!) that i could only dream about, and keep begging for when i was there. Thanks go to Yarrows for investing substantially not only in Opunake but many of our Taranaki schools.
I also called in at Coastal College & met with some of my TaraNet students there. Onto Omata School and surprised Pat who kindly took the time to show me some of the cool stuff he is doing with his kids - classroom learning links, kids movies & even a bit of flashing.
Though Friday was a cool little road trip the real purpose of my day was to catch up with TaraNet students and online teachers just to make sure they were OK, talk through some of their issues, introduce them to our online space and just generally touch base with them and others in their schools.

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