Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Coastal ICTPD

Coastal is one school which has invested time in their lead teacher support. Hamish is released .2 (thats a day a week) to support the school & staff in ICTPD. At the moment Hamish is working on developing his staff ictpd goals into more of a plan for action. We found some IDP goal setting templates (developed for the BardWired ICTPD cluster) which we hope will give more structure in creating a learning path to match those goals set.

How’s this for a laptop microphone? From the $2 shop – I’m off to grab one & try it out. To think of the money I have spent on headsets that my kids have trashed over the years… I know though sometimes there is no substitute for quality especially if you want the best sound for podcasting.

Hamish shared the work his class had been doing on their portfolios. Basically they are using Inspiration to map out their different learning areas and to link into examples of their work. A bit like a hyperlinked homesample book. Children will share these with their parents at their school interviews and later they will be burned to CD. The students are really enjoying making them and I bet parents will like to see them too. The ability to integrate this with an lms would make this sort of thing more readily available to whanau at any time.

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