Friday, 11 April 2008

Supporting Student Learning


TaraNet Principals met at Opunake High School to visit their Student Support Centre & discuss how this was working in their own schools. "Personalising learning for secondary students working in a blended environment" was a reading we used ahead of our meeting and as a basis for thought and discussion. A special welcome to Te Aroha Principal of Patea Area School joining our group for the first time :-)

My ePrincipal report included our final student enrolment stats:

  • 74 total student enrolments – 51 TaraNet students, 23 other cluster
  • 27 students enrolled in TaraNet classes, 47 other clusters (Volcanics cluster our biggest provider)
  • 12 students withdrawn – other subject choices, 2 VC classes too disruptive for other classes.
  • 62 current student roll – another 25% growth from last year.
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