Tuesday, 1 April 2008

ePrincipals - What do we do all day?

At our monthly national ePrincipals VC today, Darren shared with us the results of his survey of ePrincipals. As Darren is new to his role he really wanted to know about how other ePrincipals worked. This is a summary from his blog about what he found:

"The survey results suggest that the eprincipals were an experienced bunch in terms of distance learning; they largely work from home with only two permanently based at a school; they visit their cluster schools regularly with the majority doing it monthly, although a few do visit weekly; nearly all have a centralised online learning environment with Moodle the favourite, closely followed by Knowledgenet and Scholaris; they work 40-60 hours a week with a couple of maniacs doing 70+ hours; they intend reporting to the ministry using a mix of tools whether they be written, media or web based; half teach and half don’t (easy stats to interpret those); and they REALLY LIKE Eddie Reisch (or they are lying).".

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