Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Cool Kids Video @ Opunake

I was at Opunake today to attend staff briefing (bright & early ;-) and introduce myself to the whole staff. I need to do this in every staffroom soon now i am more regularly on deck in schools.
It is a great exercise to talk about elearning with the whole staff and scan the room to see whose eyes roll back in their heads......... and whose eyes spark up with interest.
One set of sparky eyes belonged to David who later showed me the work his students had been doing in his Y7 & 8 Technology class. It was a cool little video and as we watched it David pointed out all the learning outcomes the students had met in the production of their masterpieces.

Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of time for discussion as i would have liked to talk with David about using YouTube for student work. Should it have been hosted somewhere else where you don't get a lot of other innappropriate stuff appearing on your page?; maybe he was hosting it there - embedding it somewhere else; maybe teachertube would be a better option in this case. Then he could also submit his planning alongside the video for other teachers - that would be handy too.
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