Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Lead Teachers VC

Inglewood students found this little Ruru today. The first one I have ever seen & unusual to see them during daylight hours. Very cool :-) I spent some time making sure all was well with our VC students and Ross our eTeacher here.

After school lead teachers VCed in for their first meeting this year. Good to see some of the old & a few new faces too. On the agenda today discussion around the SMS roadshow, an upcoming ICTPD miniconference hosted by New Plymouth schools, taking our kids to TechHui08 and preparing for a workshop next term on Cybersafety education for students. The lead teachers are the group that really drive elearning in their own schools. There was much discussion on the role of a lead teacher within schools last year. There is no common job description, or time allowance or renumeration for all of these teachers. I came up with these descriptors for the role of lead teacher:

  • Main role staff development
  • Keeping up with changes in ICT
  • Those at the forefront of ICT in learning
  • Provide examples of good practise
  • Drive innovation in schools
  • Belong to a wider network (community of practise) - sharing knowledge
I think that lead teachers need to have a clear indication of their role within schools and be given the time necessary to fulfill that role. The ICTPD contract had previously provided for this now schools are left to resource this themselves & it varies greatly between schools. If you have anything to change or add to the descriptors above you can put it here.
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