Thursday, 22 May 2008

ICTPD @ Inglewood


In the last couple of days at Inglewood, i have been catching up with my elearners but i have also done a bit of ictpd and talked to individual staff members about their ictpd needs.

One recurring response from staff was their biggest ictpd need was time to explore using ict & to prepare resources. Some wanted specific training in  applications directly relevant to classroom use & a request was made for a digital story telling workshop using Movie Maker and/or Photostory. I will have to organise a cluster workshop for this.

I worked with staff who had a wide range of confidence & capability on things such as: using webmail effectively, using interactive maths resources, & digital learning objects, exploring features of the smartboard, we also looked at flickr, wikispaces & blogs. (though a lot of our time was spent unblocking website categories - grrrrr) It was interesting to note that when we unblocked most of the categories for Henry his internet ran noticeably faster than it had ever done before. I wonder how much the sina filtering system is slowing us down...

My 3G network card has proved invaluable to me as i work in different places around the school - 2 schools out of 6 so far all working well - I will see when i have visited all of my other schools if this 3G is going to pass the test or not. I'm not sure how to check my datausage on it though - any ideas - Darren?

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