Tuesday, 20 May 2008

ClickView Digital Media

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Mike from ClickView demonstrates the capabilities of this digital media library & management system to staff at Stratford High School. We held this demonstration in the VC room to enable other TaraNet schools to hook in (though there were no takers this time).

I was impressed with this system and left the session wishing i was a classroom teacher with all of these tools at my fingertips...

Things that impressed me were:

  • Learning Federation Digital Learning Objects can be stored and accessed through the clickview system - what a great way to make these learning objects more accessible to students than through the currently passworded TKI Digistore repository.
  • 'Snippets' of video can be edited out of the video and into My Documents for including in presentations or uploading onto learning management systems
  • Video can be bookmarked with a url - either a whole video or a certain starting point
  • Digital media can be 'exported' to 'the school bag' so they can be played on computers that have the clickview player but are not connected to the school server
  • Editing feature allows you to add subtitles to video
  • As well as video & dlos, there is photo collections, podcasts & a section for sharing your own video.
  • A feature for creating lessons - which can be accessed by all on the school clickview server. A great way to provide learning intentions, sequence digital resources and activities.
  • All digital media comes with accompanying learning activities & resources that can be accessed through Clickview as word documents & are customisable
  • NZ Exchange allows ClickView screens to share digital media (within the guidelines of the Screen Rights Licence)
  • Online tutorials on using ClickView

Areas for improvement? Security permissions for teachers to easily upload media to the system. Only administrators working through the Management server can add new content. Quite pricey at $4 a student p/a & approx $1000 setup. Though if a school is serious about providing easy access to a wide range of digital media and providing the tools to integrate them into learning this would definitely be a worthwhile system.

Any system though is only as good as its users so a challenge here to see how Stratford High School staff will work with this digital media available free to them for the next 6 months. Watch this space...

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