Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mahi Tahi Talks eTeacher Appraisal

ePrincipals had a great discussion in our VC meeting to discuss developing an appraisal process and standards for eteachers. Chris, an experienced Principal helped guide our thinking and had some great insights. This one is a classic: "A great appraisal system is like great sex. It should be consensual, continuous, mutually satisfactory, and lead to enhanced performance in the future." ;-)
Our discussions centred around appraisal being a process for professional growth and not a compliance exercise. Though we didn't like the idea of using checklists and measurement we did think there is a need to develop aspirational (professional) standards for eteachers. These standards would provide guidelines for setting professional goals, and be supported by self & peer assessment, student feedback & observation.
DSC01471 (Large) DSC01463
Mahi Tahi is the name we have given our group of ePrincipals & mentors. This literally means 'working as one' These pics are of us working together at the MOE offices last term; Connecting with Adobe Connect & chatting to Jodi from Colorado Online School. More Mahi Tahi pics.
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