Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Personalised Learning @ Patea

DSC01535 Patea Area School are on the verge of joining our VLN . They have their VC gear up and running and are working now on developing a Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) to support students - not only those who may become online learners but all students who need a flexible learning space and support outside of the traditional classrooms setting for a whole range of reasons. It is really heartening to see Patea is putting the horse before the cart (learning before technology) and planning to have good systems in place before jumping into learning online. Te Aroha was really impressed with what is happening at Roxborough Area School and the whole staff at Patea have been involved in exploring the idea of a PLC and planning for its development.

We VCed into Turakina Maori Girls College to speak to Dawn Mitai-Pehi about how they are using VC in their school & with the Paerangi cluster. Though they are not currently running any VC classes they are using VC a lot for teacher PD, shared curriculum support & socialising for their students to keep in touch with whanau at other schools.

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