Friday, 23 May 2008



On Wednesday Colleen (HOD Maths @ Inglewood) and I joined the Studyit VC to find out more about using this site with students. I was hoping to get some tips on presenting pd online particularly in the display of webpages online. Unfortunately they had all sorts of technical problems, firstly we couldn't see them & then we couldn't see their laptop display. I think it was a real nightmare for the presenters but they soldiered through it. We were able to follow along on our own laptop (thanks to my 3G card) as they walked us through the site. This was organised by FarNet (thnx Carolyn) and there were schools from Kaitaia, Whangamata, Inglewood & Timaru attending. This weeks focus was on the Maths area & last week was English. Ben from Coastal Taranaki school attended the English session "It was great and I have since been plugging the site with my students. Well worth the time and I can highly recommend it."

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