Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Eltham Primary School

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Graham's kids mapping their keywords last term.

Have spent the last few days working with Eltham's Tech Buddies. Megan is starting a computer mentor system to support teachers & students with basic computer skills and trouble shooting.
The sessions were quite intensive - 3 hours each day - more details on Interact. This would be a good start but to sustain a tech buddy system – the students would need regular shorter sessions to reinforce & transfer prior learning and to introduce them to new skills. The opportunity to play around in their own area of the network was really engaging for the students - their feedback on the sessions was that they had just been mucking around and weren’t doing ‘work’ – they didn’t realise how much they learnt until they went through the checklist of LOs. Sustainability of a student mentoring system also requires that these students be used to support others in the school. Give them a profile within the school so teachers & other students know they are available to help. Maybe timetable into other classrooms for short periods during IT activities could help build the tech buddy relationships throughout the school.
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