Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Marco School

Marco School
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It was hard to choose which photo to put up here - go to my flickr site for more on Marco's Gumboot Garden & Kiwiana. Or better still drop in and say hello next time you're passing :-)
A lot of things to talk about and look at when you only get to visit once a term & it was great to catch up with Shaun, Kerry-Anne & Tania. Marco is having a big focus on Wearable Arts culminating in a fasion show at the end of the term - all the community is in behind the effort collecting interesting items for the kids to turn into fashion creations. Introduced Shaun to a number of things coming up in the cluster & beyond - Lions Game, Digital Learning Objects & planned cluster workshops. Spent the afternoon helping Shaun with the basics of FrontPage and developing a structure of pages to start building a Marco & community website. Watched the kids play Ripper Rugby & rehearsing their catwalk struts! (Not at the same time) Plan to get back to Whanga before next term on a Saturday night to hear Shaun play (they tell me he has quite a fan club :-)

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