Wednesday, 25 May 2005

St Josephs

3 days @ St Josephs. Took the Lions Game Roadshow around the Senior classrooms at St Joseph’s this week. Whipped up some interest amongst the kids (boys especially of course thought it was pretty cool). I used the dataprojector to walk them through the site and talk about the activities. We also looked at the features of their SchoolZone email and how to use it as they registered their classes for the game. With the Year 7 & 8’s we also used the dataprojector to look at and talk about examples from Methanex Maths Spectacular. Schools are just starting to prepare for this – links to resources developed in the cluster from last year can be found on Interact. Share these with your kids if they need some ideas on possible topics or examples of presentation styles. I saw that some laptops (older ones) have not got up-to-date virus protection. If you are not sure about your protection please get Holly to check for you. You should be using E-Trust AntiVirus Version 2 – it is free to schools and subsidised by MOE. If your school has never had this you can register for it here.
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