Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Toko School Learning Stars

Toko School Learning Stars
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One on one with Megan & Heather this morning. Heather's kids have done some interesting & very effective art work with digital photography. The aim was to produce some creative work based on the child's photo of themselves and also to build the skills of photo-editing. I introduced Heather to TKI Learning Experiences a collection of learning resources with an ICT integration focus and helped her work through the submission process to add her work. It turned out that Nina (TKI Editor) felt that this lesson had more of a ICT focus than a cross curricular focus so recommended it go to Share-It (another digital collection of shared resources) Check out the links for Share-It & Learning Experiences and have a look what you could use or adapt for learning in your classroom. Heather's digital photography art lesson is also posted on Interact in the Learning Resources folder. Thanks Heather.
Megan and I looked at using Pegasus mail - saving and sending attachments. We also had a go at putting assessment data in Excel & creating and customising graphs. As we worked together I shared a few basic application tips about working with tables, using short cut keys, word formatting documents. It made me think more about the need for some straight out skills learning (forget about the pedagogy & ICT integration for a bit). So how do you approach this in our cluster? Online tutorials www.atomiclearning.co.uk , is a huge collection of short videos that demonstrate small steps of learning (some clusters are using this and have to register & pay for this), www.electronicteacher.com online text-based tutorials (plenty of screen shots to illustrate); real text books like The Easy Way series that Toko had used for their Community Education computing classes last year; after school workshops (not like Wine Not Networking) - bring your laptops & the files you want help with and we'll work on them together. Perhaps a blend of those things??
Spent some time with Richard working on the Lions game. Richard has done a great job on the construction of the flash web pages and bringing together the ideas. We would like to get some feedback/input from teachers and then put together the final details. You can view the draft version of the game from Toko School's homepage.

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