Friday, 20 May 2005

Kiss & Drive

Kiss & Drive
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Confused? This is the traffic control system outside Waipahihi School Taupo where we went for our Regional ICT PD Meeting. Want to know more about a system like this 4 your school? Contact me and I will send you the other photos I took :-)
Carol Spragg, Megan England, Clarissa Coffey & myself attended on behalf of the cluster. There was a couple of hands on workshops. One was about using Interactive Fiction in units of work - (based around software like Carmen Sandiago) - resources shared are print based - let me know if you would like a copy. The other session was about Digital Storytelling using PhotoStory 3 - a bit like MovieMaker but different - I thought it was pretty cool because you could pan & zoom your frames in different ways, you could narrate your story and have background music as well. You can download PhotoStory3 from here - have a play its so easy to use - just follow the 'Wizard' instructions. Also on the agenda at Taupo was a team debate about the value of Inquiry as a Learning Model - this was really entertaining but pretty hard to follow as both sides held similar views!? Nat explained to us the structure of their cluster and how their PD programme worked - she also talked about the model of learning their teachers had developed called W.I.S.E.(will track down some examples to share on Interact)Murray Brown from the MOE was missing from the day - but Sherry & Hemi filled the gap with some discussion on 'Developing Communities of Practise" and another foray into Interact. Read Megan's report on Interact.

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